Ingrown toenail removal treatment


This lovely client has been having reoccurring pain with her toenails due to her active sporty lifestyle and shape of her nails. She has had a minor infection in the past but has been able to look after it in the interim. Ingrown toenails can be the result of poor fitting footwear, poor cutting techniques, injuries, and the involuted shape on chronic cases can be inherited. With time sharp corners of nails can cause pain in the sulcus and result in redness too. The case about is a minor case but great for you to see how even something so small can have such an effect! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

During this video the ingrown nail and the callus in the sulcus is debrided and resected using a scalpel (15 blade) technique, pre and post anti- bacterial cleanse is used and finished with a pencil burr (the drill). The whole process is without the use of anaesthetics and pain free. The client finds immediate relief after the removal of the nail spike. She was able to wear shoes and walk comfortably post removal.


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