The Heirs Season 2 Release In November 2022 || Song Hye Kyo || Lee Min Ho


The Heirs Season 2 Release In November 2022 || Song Hye Kyo || Lee Min Ho


The Heirs Season 2 is all set to air by the end of next year November! Heirs has been one of the most popular dramas in the K-drama industry with stars like Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Ji Won, Choi Jin Hyuk, Park Hyung Sik, Krystal Jung, Kang Ha Neul and many other popular stars altogether. The Heirs Season 2 will not cast every one of them due to their busy schedules and new plot’s requirement. But the new season will cast some great stars that will enrich its popularity even more that its first season. And this time, The Heirs 2 will cast celebrities like Song Hye Kyo, Lee Min Ho, Shin Yi Joon, Lee Sang Yeob, kim bum, Hwang Chan Sung, Yoo In Young, Park Bo Gum, Park Yoo Ha, Yook Sung Jae and so many surprising actors who are yet to be selected!

Lee Min Ho is almost done with his ongoing drama project Pachinko where he plays a Villain for the first time. After watching this charming side of Lee Min Ho, fans will get to see another lover boy who may not be as arrogant as he was in The Heirs first season. The actor previously gave us many popular dramas like Boys over Flowers, Legends of the Blue Sea, The King: Eternal Monarch, Personal Taste and so on. But his popularity took a high peak when he appeared in the Boys over Flowers and Heirs series. So directors did not want to replace Lee Min Ho in it’s new season. The new Heirs plot matches with Lee Min Ho’s personality as well where he will play the lead character once again.

Here comes the more amazing fact. In The Heirs 2, Park Shin Hye will not accompany her male lead. Sisyphus and #Alive actress Park Shin Hye is all set to get married next year. She and her to-be husband Choi Tae Joon already announced their marriage and engagement story. Above all, she is going to be a mother next year and announced her pregnancy with her first child as well. No wonder Shin-hye cannot take part in The Heirs 2 which will also air next year on 23rd November. As a result, someone else is going to replace Shin Hye in this case. And the character beside Shin Hye is already picked by our Lee Min Ho. He is eagerly waiting to work with the evergreen actress Song Hye Kyo in Heirs 2.
Song Hye Kyo is known to be busy now with all the promotions of her ongoing drama Now We are Breaking Up with Jang Ki Yong. But it is confirmed that the actress’s next project is with Lee Min Ho. Song Hye Kyo is every single actor’s crush and the list contains Lee Min Ho too who is not shy to express his love for his favorite actress. Song Hye Kyo is Lee Min Ho’s dream girl with whom he always wanted to work on-screen. It is known that he is pushing The Heirs director a lot for casting Song Hye Kyo beside him. As the actress is likely to be free after her ongoing drama, she is confirmed to star with Lee Min Ho in The Heirs this time. For the first time ever this couple will come together which increased fans’ expectations a lot. Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo are both single as well. Just like Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho may not let go of this very opportunity to please his dream lady through his acting skills and charming personality. Let’s see if this on-screen couple hits it off off-screen or not.
The Heirs 2 will cast many familiar and unfamiliar cast sets this time. Like Lee Min Ho’s co-star Kim Bum in the Boys over Flowers is joining him in the Heirs 2 most probably as his friend or rival. This thread will add up Once Again and Sixth Sense actor Lee Sang Yeob. Another interesting part of the cast is the Encounter and Love in the Moonlight star Park Bo Gum. Park Bo Gum did not have many side roles in other dramas and always seized the limelight as a lead in each drama for the past four years. But this time, fans are going to witness two heartthrob actors in one frame it seems. As supporting casts, Hwang Chan Sung, Yoo In Young, Park Yoo Ha and many brilliant actors will join The Heirs 2.

After completing the military service in the Korean Military for two years, another actor plus singer has arrived in K-drama town. The Goblin, Reply 1994 and School 2015 actor Yook Sungjae will also join Heirs 2……………..

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