California Republican’s COVID death mocked by pro vaxxers on social media

Kelly Ernby. a deputy district attorney in Orange County. California. who opposed vaccine mandates. died of complications from the coronavirus earlier this week – with her death quickly mocked by vaccine supporters on social media. Her husband confirmed she was unvaccinated. according to the San Francisco Chronicle. ‘She was NOT vaccinated.’ he reportedly wrote on Facebook in response to someone who claimed she had been. ‘That was the problem.’ Ernby joined the DA’s office in 2011. according to FOX 11 in Los Angeles. She was 46 years old when she died and was poised for another run for a state assembly seat after losing in a primary in 2020. FOX 11 reported. ‘Guess she won’t be running for anything. anymore.’ one person wrote on her Facebook page. ‘Kelly Ernby for Assembly.’ after the news of her death. A couple of others added a GIF of Charles Darwin giving a thumbs up. a likely reference to the ‘Darwin Awards.’ which mocks the way some people have died as proof of Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ evolutionary theory. A third person wrote. ‘2022 is the year the very stupid are taken out by mother nature.’ Some also took to her Twitter to mock her death. leaving comments under her last post in early December before she fell ill. BIDEN WARNS OF ‘WINTER OF SEVERE ILLNESS AND DEATH’ FOR THE UNVACCINATED ‘The schadenfreude is delicious.’ one user said while another…



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