The California Quest – The Prototype (Social Assistor)


Dear Agent of Change – This is a private transmission from Social Assistor to inform you that our Los Angeles assets have been activated.

Our objectives triangulate on a vision that builds, seeks, and energizes resources for California Black Males ages 12-20+ years. Through Social Assistor, we are building a synergetic ecosystem for “leaders of leaders” in six California markets.

We aim to showcase Black leadership in Education, Housing, Sports, and Entertainment. Thus, building on the college and career pathways, culture-filled representation, mentorship. Emerging leaders are gearing up for hands-on leadership development needed to thrive in post-pandemic world.

Do you see yourself or someone passionate about significant work for community ambassadorship? Our focus will be six counties in California: Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

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Support: It is simple! Pledge your support for a youth seat at the 2022 learning lab. (It cost less than two movie tickets)


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