Filters in Social Media – PSA Project / Journalism / California State University Northridge


The idea of my topic, “Getting rid of photoshop and filters in social media,” is that people in this generation are so reliant on filters and photoshopping that they can’t imagine posting a photo without them.
This is important to me and my peers since I personally struggle with this and am working to gain the confidence and self-esteem necessary to upload photos without modifying them, as I am sure many others do.
I truly hope that by completing this project, I will be able to assist some people in overcoming their anxiety of exposing their true selves on the internet. I’d like them to realize that we’re all under the same pressure to alter our photos before sharing them online. We all fear being judged or bullied because we don’t have perfect skin or a toned body. I also want kids to understand that we’re all just people. We all have our own perfect flaws and individuality that we need to love and be proud of. We need to show this generation and the next that we are all attractive and flawless without any alterations if we share our true selves online.


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