Bryson DeChambeau Fat Net Worth, Super Fit Lifestyle and Spicy Girlfriend


Bryson DeChambeau Fat Net Worth, Super Fit Lifestyle and Spicy Girlfriend

Welcome back to Athlete Central! In today’s video, we have an athlete who changed the golf game, none other than Bryson DeChameau.

Bryson DeChambeau was born in Modesto, California. He later attended Clovis High School where he won a Junior Championship in 2010. After meeting swing coach Mike Schy, he radically changed his swing and utilizes an analytics-based approach to his game despite criticism of his peers.

At Southern Methodist University, he won the NCAA individual and US Amateur Championship. In 2016, he became a professional and has won 8 tour titles including a US Open title. He is sponsored by Rocket Mortgage, DraftKings, and Rolex.

He drives a Continental convertible and a 2021 Bentayga V8 due to his partnership with Bentley. He follows a super strict diet and fitness regimen that keeps him in top shape. He is also a charitable individual and has a sizzling blonde girlfriend in Sophia Bertolami.

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00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Early Life and Golf Career
04:33 – Earnings, Endorsements, and Net Worth
07:12 – Fitness and Nutrition
09:17 – Cars
11:21 – Charity and Sizzling Girlfriend

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